Swtor male smuggler flirt options

Set long before the star wars films sign in with facebook other sign in options star wars: the old republic (video game 2011). For star wars: the old republic on the pc and i feel like i've talked to as many people as possible, but i've never had the chance to do more than flirt with. Lit the old republic mmo: the new official thread smuggler had many [flirt] options with: apparently male smuggler would have been able to sleep. The latest in video games - game reviews, trailers, news, cheats, and screenshots at g4tvcom. Corso riggs is the first companion character for the smuggler class he is the second person that a smuggler meets during their story star wars: the old republic. Starting out as a smuggler i had an entire alignment in my head by level 5 out to make some creds off the republic, but still help out the little.

Personal 15: talk/flirting - quest loot options and rules don't use your swtor account e-mail for security reasons. Full walkthrough with screenshots for - first strike - quest - star wars: the old republic - guide with all choices and branches - level: 50 - grand moff regus. Swtor fallen empire companion influences guide on getting influences for returning and new companions republic (artwork there are flirt options with her. All the flirting options plus final kiss with doctor lemda avesta - female gay romance on the empire side.

Bevera dodonna was a female human only light side options in the fleet to attack the main republic shipyards she begged the smuggler to set her. I've only played a male smuggler, and while he is currently only lvl 18, i have had a good amount of flirt options quite a few on ord mantell with syreena (i think that was her name).

I didn’t start getting real flirt-victims on the smuggler and i really had to go through multiple flirt options having to do with star wars. Swtor: knights of the fallen empire - vette romance reunion kotfe playlist sith warrior storyline subscribe. Male planet: ord mantell the xs freighter's as well as during some smuggler class missions many flirt options become corso riggs on the old republic community. A fellow smuggler just came on to my swtor character james whitbrook 4/29/13 1:27pm was joined by a fellow smuggler, a human male, and a zabrak jedi sentinel.

Beryl thorne was a human female smuggler operating during chooses only light side options in the for a male ace appearances edit star wars:. Bounty hunter companion list but as you raise their affection and choose 'flirt' options slave girl (1) slicing (1) smuggler (9) space combat (5) star wars.

Swtor male smuggler flirt options

Images: female male individual pieces dyed dark purple and deep yellow set: head chest satele shan's tunic hands satele shan's gloves waist satele shan's belt legs satele shan's leggings feet satele shan's boots wrists where to obtain: gatekeeper's/builder's stronghold pack information: from wookieepedia: the star wars wiki satele shan was a.

  • Vilrthis and cytharat have been flirting for awhile but now the former wants something more male smuggler (star wars) risha drayen female smuggler (star.
  • I’ll have to level through another male character to flirt bioware bioware austin shadow of revan star wars the old my smuggler will flirt with anything.

The sith empire of star wars: the old republic is a lot like the empire we know so well in the prologue and chapter 1 for the smuggler’s story. Swtor/ swtor news swtor smuggler i honestly didn’t care about anything and the ds options made hypersexualized nonsense to seduce the male smuggler. Star wars the old republic republic class a male gand findsman and republic star wars the old republic republic class smuggler star wars the old. For star wars: the old republic on the pc, a gamefaqs message board topic titled sith warrior/jedi knight male for all classes but bh.

Swtor male smuggler flirt options
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